Frequently Asked Questions

Bikers can get a massage to ease the pains after a long day in the saddle
Bikers can get a massage to ease the pains after a long day in the saddle.

We have welcomed guests to our cottages and farmhouse accommodation for over 21 years now and find that there are a few questions that crop up from time to time. So to help you make choices about which cottage to stay in or whether to have B&B in the farmhouse here are a few ideas. If your query isn’t covered then please email or text us with your question and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

We always try to provide things that would make your stay extra special so do let us know if you are celebrating a special birthday, anniversary or event. In March we fixed up a huge banner and blew up lots of balloons (sent in advance) for a special birthday. Our contribution was a sweet little birthday cake complete with fresh rose petals, black sugar (decadent) and yummy icing. Our surprises are always that , but if you want a specific treat do ask and we’ll do our best. Likewise, let us know if you are running away or grieving – then we’ll ensure we don’t ask any questions, or thrust jolly tourism suggestions at you. We are great at providing space and/or a dog for long spirit replenishing walks. (Little nibbles can be provided too and we have been known to buggy down a picnic, rug and chairs into the bluebell wood so you could ramble without carrying and then truly listen to birdsong and a bubbling brook without carrying everything yourself.
Within reason, Pearl particularly likes the Lazy breakfasts which turn into a great languorous brunch and in good weather spread into the garden. She is not shocked by the pyjama wearing wedding guests and did on one occasion serve breakfast to an Argentinian cyclist in his underpants – his lycra having been hand washed for him the night before.
We always try to help in such a situation and provide at least a room and a bathroom to help – usually everything is ready for you anyway.
We no longer keep a huge selection of wellies however we have just popped in a drying cupboard into our biomass boiler room so things can be dried quietly over-night. The farmhouse has a very toasty utility room where damp things can be aired through and although not very green we can use a tumble drier to help out – particularly for pond-dipping enthusiasts who choose the underwater option in error!
We are very happy to purchase items from our lovely farmshop in Whitney-on-Wye and you can pay on arrival. We are happy to accept deliveries from supermarkets as long as you check that the time slot you choose fits with one of us being here to pop things into fridges for you.
Not a problem – just let us know.
Let us know in advance – if it is feather or dust allergies for example we’ll do a special deep clean after removing feather duvets and pillows. If it is food then please just communicate – let us know what you really enjoy and what must be avoided at all costs – especially if you are choosing to have a farmhouse breakfast and mustn’t be near foods that other guests may have enjoyed.
We are sorry but we are a working farm and have a weimaraner who will love you but not your pet! Also we ensure that the cottages are spotless and pets do not fit into that equation. We have two great kennels and catteries near by though so you could give your family pet a holiday at night but be with them during the day.
Please let us know and we will try and arrange our visit to Hereford to help you.
We don’t but we are always happy to share our recipes and of course there is the “Made in Herefordshire” recipe book, published in October by our great friends at PhotopiaUK (Herefordshire based) and our lovely reserve chef is now managing the Watermill Cafe at Westonbury Water Gardens near Pembridge and she can be encouraged to share recipes!
No need, it is one of the perks of staying with us, we feed two families on the farm from this garden but love sharing so feel free to browse and nibble – in fact if you wander out before breakfast we’ll probably meet in pj’s as it is my favourite time for wandering and planning in the garden!
This is us in our element, we know who to ring – we have a great therapist who excels, if she’s free she’ll come, even at short notice. Recently we had someone cycling from John O Groats to Land’s End, he arrived at 5 pm, by 6 pm he had a cooked meal (courtesy of the Farmer’s wife who was in awe of anyone doing anything so daft in this heat), his 10 days worth of washing was clean and drying and the masseuse was booked. Sandwiches were prepared for his lunch the next day and the breakfast was laid out should he decide to start before the ducks were awake!
We are delighted to say that we welcome families with relatives living well with dementia. Pearl is a Dementia Champion and cares for a close relative, goes to Alzheimer's Singing for the Brain and is an active member of the Herefordshire Carer's Group. If you need real peace and quiet and no other guests around please just let us know and we'll ensure yours is the only booking.