Continue up the drive
Wire Conference
Great to set business targets with other bubbly, friendly women but equally good to come back to the peace of Kinnersley.  Empty roads – easy to move around – remembered what it was like to commute when I got in the wrong lane at the Dobbies roundabout and ended up doing 7 miles going north in error!


Go through the gate and up the drive

aaaah    Home, just look at that sky!

Now to practice Superwoman pose – yes really – two minutes actually alters testosterone and equips you for … public speaking and assertiveness.  Maybe someone should have told Helen Titchmarsh!

Thanks to Helga Henry and Aly Harold for that tip both great speakers at the conference.

Useful ideas for my textile workshops – ways to engage, how to provide more useful notes for participants.  Connection and Engagement were the key words.



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