The secret of Herefordshire food

An abundance of artisan Herefordshire food all within a twenty mile radius of the farm. There are lots of local suppliers of high quality food, restaurants and cider and gin producers, hidden in the Herefordshire landscape.

Sample local cuisine in the evening

At the end of the day you can have a delicious evening meal at one of our favourite restaurants in the area. Let us know what type of food you like and we’ll recommend a restaurant for you.

Raspberry tart for afternoon tea
Raspberry and almond tart for afternoon tea in the farmhouse garden

Made in Herefordshire

When you leave you can take a pot of our apple blossom honey with you and a little of Herefordshire with the Made in Herefordshire Cookery book.  Published  by our photographer friends Rebecca and Simon Wild (PhotopiaUK).

Lavendar biscuits on arrival at Herefordshire Holidays
Lavendar shortbread biscuits on arrival